For best performances when using the pages bending function with the ray-traced render engine on Book and Magazine Creator, it is necessary to have a NVIDIA graphic card with CUDA architecture.
However, even if your machine has a NVIDIA card, it could not be recognized or supported by After Effects.

Q. How can I check if my NVIDIA Graphic card is supported?

Open After Effects and go to Edit → Preferences → Previews
In the “Fast Previews” panel press the “GPU informations” Button
In the “Ray-tracing” drop-down list, check if the “GPU” option is selectable or it is greyed out.

gpu window after effects

In the first case, Book and Magazine Creator will be able to use the pages bending function using the GPU acceleration, otherwise you can try these ways to enable the GPU option :

  • Download the Optix .dll file from NVIDIA official website (any version above 3.9.1 will do) or by using a third party download link.
  • Replace the Optix .dll file in the After Effects root folder (the old version should be 3.6.3 or near that).
  • Open the “raytracer_supported_cards.txt” file with notepad and add it in your GPU name. The GPU name is simply the full name of your GPU. If you are not sure, you can run GPU sniffer in CMD to see the name. Watch this tutorial
  • Reboot After Effects

Now, if the GPU option is selectable, you can use the ray-traced render engine, otherwise if you receive the error “5070 :: 2” open the list of supported cards that you previously changed and remove the graphic card that you added (this error message means that the GPU cannot be recognized.)

Q. My computer has an ATI or Intel graphic card, does it mean that Book and Magazine Creator will not work?

No, as explained before, the NVIDIA card is just required to accelerate the calculations using the page bending function, however all functions of the script will work as well.
You can even use the bending pages function but the rendering speed will be quite slow because After Effects will use the CPU instead of the GPU.
Here is a comparation of the ram preview using the GPU or the CPU.


Q. I’ve an ATI or Intel Graphic card but if I enable the Ray-Traced the pages don’t bend

When you click on the “pages bending” checkbox on the script, it switches the After Effects rendering engine from “Classic 3D” to “Ray-Traced”.
You can easily manually change the “Ray-Traced” mode to “Cinema 4d” mode:
Click on the right upper “Ray Traced 3D” button

Select the “Cinema 4D” render engine
This render engine allows you to enable the bending pages using the CPU.
Anyway “Cinema 4D” has some features that cannot be enabled:

  • the camera depth of field
  • the motion blur
  • the “shadows only” in the material options.

Book and Magazine Creator requirements

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