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Earth Map Connections

What’s new on Earth Map Connections V2.1

With Earth Map Connections you can easily create connections from different countries in the World, but if you need to create connections on a small area the Earth Map is not so useful.
For this reason, the script has a new feature that allows to import a custom map that you can grab using the free “Google Earth Pro”.

All instructions in the included video tutorial: “How to use a custom map”.

Other important changes:

Added a new country: French Guiana

Now you can use different colors for each country using the script!

Added a new connection control: “Slope Control”

Closing and reopening the script and generating a new connection, the previously created connections were corrupted, the bug has been fixed

Fixed some countries borderlines


Earth Map Connections is an advanced toolkit based on an After Effects project controlled by a powerful script.

With Earth Map Connections you can easily place infinite points of interest on an Earth map and create 3D connection lines.

The included script is the heart of the project because it gives all instructions to the project so you don’t need to create, delete or modify any keyframe: everything will be created and modified by the script!

With Earth Map Connections you have unlimited possibilities…

You can create sequential connections or multiple connections from the same point, change the speed for each connection line, change its height, width and color.


Another great function is the automatic camera animation: you don’t need to move the camera manually to create the animation, through the script you just have to select the point of interest, adjust the angle of the camera with sliders and the annoying and frustrating task of manual camera positioning will be completely replaced with a very efficient automatic camera movement!


The Earth Map Connections also includes a list box with all countries of the World.

If you want to highlight one or more countries at a specific time you just have to select them from the list and press the highlight button.

In addition to the world countries you also can highlight the 50 United States.

Note: not all countries can be highlighted: Some small islands are not included in the highlight function.

If you want to check if your countries can be highlighted please read the list of the supported countries: CLICK HERE


The script also allows you to replace the pin style for each location with just a click. The project includes 10 styles:

Furthermore you can add an information tab on each point, the project includes up to 60 styles subdivided in

Call-outs with 1 text line (title)

Call-outs with 2 text lines (title + subtitle)

Info Panels (title + description)

Image Tabs (title + description + image or video)


Earth Map Connections uses a high resolution map to keep all details, furthermore all 3D lines are created using hard calculations, therefore the workflow could sometimes be slow.

In order to prevent this issue, the script implements a very useful function to increase the speed of the ram preview by 70%, so you will be able to create your customized animation without lag or excessive delays.


If you’re interested in this project and you want to understand in depth how it works, the videotutorial of 35 mins is available for free!

Click on the image above to watch it.

Item features

Full hd project 1920×1080

No plugins required

Adjustable 3D lines

Expressions universalized (it works with all After Effects languages)

Compatible with all After Effects versions from CS5 to above

Script tested both on Mac and Pc

60 customizable call-outs included

10 pin styles

35 mins of videotutorial with english voiceover and english subtitles

24/7 after sale support

Easy to use

The music used in the video preview is not included in this project but if you like it you can purchase it from:

If you have pre sales questions please contact me and if you purchase this project, please don’t forget to rate it!


Update 11.02.2018 – Added missing countries to highlight

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