This message could appear in three different cases:
1. A firewall is set with a high protection level so it’s blocking the script from accessing of the network to verify the purchase code.
In this case, please temporarily disable your firewall or create a new rule on your firewall, allowing outcoming connections from Adobe After Effects.
If you choose to disable the firewall, when the script has been run, you can enable your firewall again.
If you disabled all firewalls but the problem persists, it means that your router has an internal
firewall. Even then, you need to access to your router configuration page and change the firewall settings. To do that, open your browser and in the address bar type:
Now find the firewall settings page and make the modification required to allow this connection. If you want to bypass your router or find out if the problem is router related, you could try to use your smartphone device as a hot spot through the mobile internet connection.
2. If you’re working in a company, generally this type of access management is assigned to a network administrator. In this case you need to ask for his/her support.
3. You’re behind a proxy or you’re using a VPN: in this case you have to set the system to allow outcoming connections to port 80.

When I try to register the product I receive the error: “Uncaught JavaScript exception”

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