In order to prevent the piracy, each license can be installed on 5 computers or 5 different After Effects version.
The identification of the computer is through the hardware id (HWID) of the machine.
– You installed the script on 3 macs and 2 PCs, you can’t install the script on a 6th machine, if you need to do it, you have to deactivate 1 license at least from one of the registered computers
– You’re working on a computer and you registered the script on 5 different versions of After Effects: you can’t register the same license on a 6th After Effects version or on a new computer. To do that, you have to unregister 1 license at least.

With the Deactivate License Script you can’t deactivate the license from a computer to another: it only works on the computer you’re currently working on.

What is the “deactivate license” script?

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