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3D Earth Connections

Notes for buyers

This template is tested on all new versions of After Effects. No bugs were found on the latest versions, however some users reported some malfunctions on the cc23.3 AE version. Since these problems only occur sporadically on some systems, it is difficult to pinpoint the cause.
Should these problems occur to you, we recommend that you use the template with a version earlier than 23.3 in hopes that these issues will be resolved in future After Effects updates.

For all other technical problems, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be at your disposal to help you solve any other problem.

  • 1 GB+ Graphic card memory
  • CPU must support SSE4.1 or later (Most Intel CPUs that were released after 2007 should be supported.)
  • The following AMD CPU series do not support SSE4.1: Sempron series, Athlon series, Athlon II series, Phenom series, Phenom II series
  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 and above – Mac 10.8.5 and above
  • Please note that NVidia GPUs on Mac OSX Mojave are not officially supported due to lack of driver support.
  • Check that your GPU is supported HERE
  • Apple M1 is supported!

How can I be sure that the VC ORB plugin works on my machine?

If you want to be sure that you can use this template, simply download and install the free plugin “Orb” from

In a new project, create a new composition, add a solid and add the VC Orb plugin to the solid. If it turns to a sphere, it works, so you can be sure that 3D Earth Connections will work as well!

Check out the review of 3D Earth Connections by “Boone Loves Video” Channel (version 1)

UPDATE 06.19.2023 – A problem with the search locations function (no results) has been resolved UPDATE 03.08.2023 – Version 2 released – New compact graphical interface – It is now possible to create routes between locations (straight line or calculated route) – Added the attach objects to connection lines feature – The connections can be created even if the Z camera position is not set to zero – Compatibility with Cinema 4D render engine (it is now possible to create 3d connections!) – Added the line taper function (for cc2020 and above) – Added the “Earth X Rotation” function on the Earth animation – Removed lights reflections on vector and dotted styles – New video tutorial – Minor bug fixes UPDATE 12.29.2022 – Fixed the incompatibility problem with Mac M1 chipset UPDATE 12.01.2021 – Fixed a bug with VcORB v1.0.2 (The template now can ONLY be used with VcORB 1.0.3 and above) – The rotation of the Earth on the X axis is now working. UPDATE 10.26.2020 – Updated the license verification system – replaced the geocoding service – Added Earth border lines – Now you can add border lines on the highlighted countries, choosing the thickness and the color – Minor bug fixes – Update 12/12/19: – Replaced the search countries with the list box – Fixed a bug using the “hexagon” pin – Fixed a bug that caused “United Arab Emirates” and “Czechia” not included in the countries to highlight – Minor bugs fixes

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